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      Shanghai LeiTai Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd. is specializing in the production of SMD parts for electronic products manufacturers, counter provides manufacturers "low operating costs, high efficiency" equipment, lei tai electronic willing to cooperate with friends of all circles with electronic manufacturing industry for China to enhance the technical level mutual effort.The company's main produc ......
      > SMD parts counter
      SMDpartscounterinstruction  Catalog1.    Functionofcounter,workenvironmentandspe...
       Shanghai LeiTai Electronics Co.,Ltd.
       Shanghai LeiTai Electronics Co.,Ltd.
       Shanghai LeiTai Electronics Co.,Ltd.
       Shanghai LeiTai Electronics Co.,Ltd.
      Home ح About ح News ح Product ح Case ح Order ح Jobs ح Contact
      Copy RightShanghai LeiTai Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd.AddressShanghai lukang road minhang district no. 15 get 555Tel:021-50116630Fax:021-50116631
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